Vacanza non convenzionale in Croazia

Case vacanza in Croazia

Studio Timia
Baia Pokrivenik - isola Hvar

Studio Timia

Da 27 €
Dalla spiaggia: 10 m
Casa isolata Brik
Baia Soline - isola Pasman

Casa isolata Brik

Da 72 €
Dalla spiaggia: 25 m
Casa isolata Pisak
Polje - isola Pasman

Casa isolata Pisak

Da 60 €
Dalla spiaggia: 15 m
Casa isolata Solo
Baia Koska - isola Solta

Casa isolata Solo

Da 135 €
Dalla spiaggia: 30 m

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Holidays 2020 - Emergency in the Czech Republic / Croatia / Europe

Dear clients partners and friends,

in the current state of emergency, the closure of national borders, and therfore limited travel in any form until recall, and its deadlines are shifting due to developments of the current situation, we are forced to take measures that also affect s.r.o. company. Currently we are dealing primarily with the situation with clients who were supposed to travel for Easter and May holidays, for which we know almost certain that they will not be able to start their holiday.

Much of you have been our regular clients for more than 10 years and we have become friends in that time, and since you know that it is our practice to always provide you with up-to-date information, we would like to inform you that we are working intensively. We ask you to give us the time we need to negotiate with each service provider. We proceed to the clients according to the date of arrival from the nearest dates to the later dates.

We understand that you also want to be sure about your holiday planning and the advance payment already paid, so we have prepared the currently possible solutions in writing. For the solution of your requirements, please use the email: We do everything we can to solve your requirements as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we can practically not handle all calls / requests within days, but we do our best to negotiate the most favorable terms. However, we believe that we will manage this situation together and find a solution that will suit you.

Thank you for your understanding and for all the nice support messages. We will contact clients to whom we owe a response in the coming days. When requesting cancellation we will keep the date of your first contact as a date of eventual cancellation date. team

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Migliori offerte, periodi disponibili pochi giorni prima della partenza.

  • Villa Golubinka (Baia Golubinka - isola Hvar)
    sconto 25 % per periodo 6. 6. - 20. 6.
  • Faro Lanterna Vir (Vir - isola Vir)
    sconto 20 % per periodo 29. 5. - 20. 6.
  • Magical House Marica (Kremena)
    sconto 10 % per prenotazioni confermate fino al 30.06.2020, per alloggio nel periodo dal 2. 5. - 31. 10.
  • Appartamenti Citansije (Baia Pokrivenik - isola Hvar)
    sconto 10 % per periodo 4. 7. - 31. 12.
  • Appartamento Floria (Baia Pokrivenik - isola Hvar)
    sconto 10 % per periodo 4. 7. - 31. 12.

Alloggio isolato - vacanze non convenzionali in Croazia

L'Alloggio isolato rappresenta una vacanza non convenzionale in Croazia per coloro che vogliono rilassarsi dalla frenesia della città e vivere il fascino di luoghi dimenticati sulle isole e isolotti del mare Adriatico.

Se vuole la pace assoluta, luoghi solitari pieni di romanticismo, spiagge bellissime e natura intatta, case di pescatori o case in pietra sono la scelta giusta per te.

In alcuni posti ci sono più case l'una accanto all'altra che consente una sistemazione ravvicinata per gruppi di amici o famiglie per divertirsi e sentirsi liberi dallo stress quotidiano.

Casa vacanza
Ente Nazionale Croato per il Turismo

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